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Why Scheduling Regular Septic Tank Pumping Is Essential

Monday, January 21st, 2019

grease-trapNot all commercial and industrial facilities have a connection to the municipal sewer system. Instead, they must rely on an on-site septic tank system to handle waste removal. Since the waste in the septic tanks has nowhere else to go (except to leak out of the tank—you never want that!), the tanks must have regular pumping from experts in commercial plumbing in Baltimore, MD. This isn’t a job you want to have done by amateurs or attempt to do by purchasing the equipment yourself. Because of concerns about health and water contamination, only licensed professionals are permitted to handle this job.

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The Importance of Grease Interceptors

Monday, June 6th, 2016

If you run a commercial kitchen, or any other commercial enterprise that deals with cooking food, you’re probably familiar with the amount of waste the process generates. Cooking food in large amounts requires an immense amount of materials, and creates a lot of byproducts. Many of those waste byproducts end up flowing into the sewer system. The problem with that is that some of those byproducts are actually extremely bad for both the buildings sewer system and the municipal sewer main. Read on to find out how important grease interceptors are for maintaining a healthy sewer system.

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