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Why Proper Air Balancing Can Be Critical for Businesses

commercial-rooftop-fansOne of the vital services we offer to our many commercial customers is proper air balancing for their HVAC systems. This is a part of climate control and ventilation in a building that often gets ignored. Our technicians frequently find that the source of troubles like high and low humidity, cold and hot spots, and stuffy air stem from bad air balance and negative air pressure in a building. Thanks to air balancing services, we can remedy this.

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a process that HVAC professionals perform to ensure that the AC and heater for a building are delivering the desired or necessary air and air pressure to the rooms. To perform air balancing requires technicians to assess airflow from different registers in the building and check on system pressure using manometers. The technicians also check on the heat levels in rooms as well as humidity using advanced equipment. The tests will tell our professionals what issues your building has with air balance—and what we can do about it.

Why Air Balancing Is Critical

An HVAC system is about much more than the heating and cooling power it provides. It’s easy for people who aren’t trained in climate control and ventilation in commercial buildings to assume that the air sent around the building is adequate and that problems with stuffy, dry, and cold conditions around the building are a fault with the heater or the AC.

But poor air balance throws off the entire HVAC system. Think of it as owning an expensive musical instrument, except that it’s out of tune. A great heating and cooling system will be “out of tune” if it has poor air balancing, and that throws off everything. You’ll spend money on heating and cooling only to still have a building where nothing feels right.

Problems you may encounter in a building or facility due to poor air balancing include swings in humidity levels, smoke and other exhaust products gathering in rooms because of air pressure problems, condensation on equipment, and general discomfort among people in the building, even though the AC and heater seem to be operating as they’re supposed to.

What Causes Poor Air Balance

There are many potential sources for poor air balancing in a building, which is why you want only experienced commercial HVAC services in Fairfax, VA from people with the best equipment, training, and history. They’ll track down the issues and fix them. Here are a few potential trouble spots:

  • Leaks along the ductwork
  • Worn down blower or exhaust fans
  • Improperly sized filters
  • Malfunctioning make-up air units
  • Poorly installed or broken outdoor air dampers

Air balancing involves identifying the specific issues at play and then “tuning-up” the building so the HVAC system properly distributes air and creates a slightly positive indoor air pressure.

This is a difficult and intricate job, so please only trust professionals like our team to handle it. We’ll make sure your building has an HVAC system that does all parts of its job the way you need.

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