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Drain Cleaning In-Depth: How Hydro Jetting Works

Drain cleaning is a vital part of keeping your commercial drain and sewer system functioning properly. Yet, far too many commercial properties never schedule drain cleaning services unless their system becomes clogged. If you’re not sure professional drain cleaning can work for you, read on to find out more about how it works.

The System

A hydro jet system is the most common method for commercial drain cleaning services. It is composed of a water tank attached to a pump, engine, hose, and nozzle. The system is designed to deliver a high-pressure stream of water down the drain pipe in order to blast any obstruction out of the system. The key to proper hydro jetting is selecting the right nozzle for the job. Different nozzles are switched out to change the angle of the water stream, so that all areas of the pipe can be reached. Without the right nozzle, the system will not be able to clean the pipe completely and the possibility of future issues will be higher.

The Advantages

Hydro jetting has become more and more popular for its ability to cleanse drain and sewer systems completely. Drain snaking and other methods have their uses, but they’re not as comprehensive as hydro jetting. Drain clogs often form as waste sticks to the walls of the pipe. Most forms of drain cleaning remove fully formed clogs, but can leave remnants as a foundation for future clogs. Hydro jetting removes practically all waste buildup from the pipes, leaving them in a better position overall. For this reason, you should schedule drain cleaning services at least once a year, to make sure that your drain and sewer system stays in good condition.

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