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Hydro-Jetting Can Be Dangerous: Here Are the Protections We Use

hydro-jetting-sewer-cleaningOne of the most important services we provide for our commercial clients is drain and sewer cleaning. We recommend clients schedule this as routine service. We can certainly come to the rescue when a facility is endangered because of clogged drains or a sewer line causing sewage backup—it’s why we have 24-hour emergency service available for commercial drain services in Falls Church, VA. But these cleaning jobs done as regular maintenance can head off numerous problems and potential closures due to code violations.

Our main tool for handling commercial drain/sewer cleaning is the hydro-jetter. This device blasts water at extremely high pressure through a hose inserted into the drain and sewer pipes. The force scours the pipes clean. This is a job that only licensed professionals can handle for a range of reasons—one of which is safety. High-pressure water is dangerous: it only takes water at 100 psi to break human skin, and we often use water at pressures of 2,000 psi. Technicians must take special precautions to avoid serious injuries.

Here are the protections (personal protection equipment, PPE) we use to keep our team members safe when providing hydro-jetting:


Think of this as the world’s strongest baseball catcher protective gear. These aprons cover the chest, stomach, and abdomen—areas of the body most vulnerable and most likely to be hit by a high-pressure water blast. The special materials used to make these aprons is stronger than steel wire—it’s the material often used to tie ships at anchor in harbors. Although heavy, the design of the aprons allows for freedom of movement by the technician and the weight is evenly distributed.


No, not gloves. These gauntlets are the heaviest protections possible for hands, but they still leave the palm exposed so the technician can use the hydro-jetting tools with the required precision. The gauntlets cover the other parts of the hand and all the way up the arm.


Feet and legs need protection as well where the apron doesn’t provide cover. The gaiters that hydro-jetting technicians use are often manufactured from aluminum. They provide full protection from all sides.

Shielded helmets

The helmets used during hydro-jetting are the same quality as used in other dangerous occupations such as firefighting. The industrial strength plastic face shielding gives full protection to the technician, and the helmet completely covers the rest of the head and neck.

We abide by all the latest industry standards as set out by the National Association of Sewer Services Companies (NASSCO) to ensure the highest level of safety on any commercial hydro-jetting job we take on. We follow all OHSA requirements and our technicians have the proper certification and the highest level of training necessary to use all the equipment. Our company is fully licensed and insured in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia to ensure your protection as well. We’ve been in the business since 1954 and we always keep up with the latest in technology to provide the best service to our customers.

Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling has proudly served Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC since 1950. Schedule commercial drain and sewer cleaning with us.

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