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Why Your Drains Might be Constantly Backing Up

Drain backups are a common, and frustrating, problem for both residential and commercial properties. It’s a bit more serious of an issue for commercial buildings, though, due to the amount of people relying on the drain and sewer system working properly. If your drains are constantly backing up, read on to find out why that might be happening.


Drain clogs are the most common culprit of drain backups. They are caused by a steady buildup of waste in the drain pipe, restricting the flow of water through it. If the pipe is placed under heavy use, the wastewater can easily back up due to the decreased capacity to deal with the flow.

Lime Scale

Slightly less common than waste clogs, but more serious. Lime scale is the result of hard water exposure forming mineral deposits on the inside of the drain pipe. Though the cause is different, the result is the same. The flow of water is restricted, and backups occur more often.


“Bellying” is when part of the drain pipe actually becomes warped, usually by the soil around it shifting. This causes wastewater to become trapped in the pipe at that point, making it much more difficult for the system to flow smoothly. Unlike the first two issues, which can be solved by drain cleaning, this issue often requires replacing the damaged section of pipe.

Tree Roots

Quite often, the cause of the drain backups in your building can be traced to issues much further down the line. Tree roots commonly infest drain and sewer lines in their search for water sources. Over time, the root growth can get so bad that it obstructs the pipe almost entirely.

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