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Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Why It’s Important

calendar-scheduling-bookResidential heating and air conditioning contractors always stress with their customers the importance of arranging for a visit from a technician to inspect and tune-up their AC and heater during the year. The tune-ups occur for the AC in spring and the heater in fall. But what goes for residential goes doubly important for commercial buildings, and the frequency of maintenance may be more as well.

Handling maintenance is one of the essential services we offer to our commercial clients. We have almost 70 years of history and we’ve seen first hand the benefits, as well as the necessities, of commercial HVAC maintenance. Here’s why you can’t afford to skip routine inspections and tune-ups for the equipment handling environmental controls in your commercial building.

Reliable Performance

During the winter, failed heating systems can put an entire operation in jeopardy. No matter if the heater is important for employee comfort, client satisfaction, or to protect equipment and process in a facility, if it stops work it can bring a company to a halt. The same applies to a cooling system in summer.

Although commercial maintenance cannot guarantee an end to unexpected HVAC failures, it can prevent the large majority of them. The technicians run through a detailed checklist to inspect the heating and cooling system to locate early signs of trouble, and the adjustments and cleaning give the systems the best chance to make it through the coming months without trouble.

Energy Efficiency

What percentage of your annual budget goes to heating and air conditioning? Regardless of the type of business you operate, the cost is probably quite high—and you absolutely don’t want it higher than necessary. If heating and air conditioning systems don’t have service regularly to reduce wear and tear and keep them clean, they will drain excessive amounts of power to operate, and that’s money going to waste. To stop a decline of 5% per year in HVAC performance (and a subsequent rise in bills), enroll in professional commercial HVAC maintenance.

Equipment Longevity

Your business is an investment. And every piece of equipment in your business space is an investment. The longer the service life of the equipment, the better the return on your investment. Neglecting to maintain powerful commercial HVAC systems puts them in danger of needing a replacement many years before they otherwise would. In fact, a commercial furnace or rooftop unit might not even make it to half its estimated lifespan without maintenance!

Protect Equipment Warranties

Not only do commercial inspections and tune-ups improve HVAC equipment life, but they also ensure warranties remain in force. You don’t want to be stuck paying to replace a massive air conditioning system that fails due to a factory fault years too early. When you keep the warranty current, you’re protected against a disaster like this.

Only rely on the best commercial HVAC company in Falls Church, VA for maintenance services. No job is too big for us! We’re fully equipped and staff to take care of commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs. Our motto is: “CAN DO. WILL DO. WELL DONE—GUARANTEED!”

Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling proudly serves Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Schedule maintenance with us today.

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