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Commercial Drain Problems You Need to Know About

Whenever drain cleaning is discussed, even on this site, the focus is often on more simple things like waste buildup on the pipe walls. While that’s certainly a problem that can be addressed by commercial pipe cleaning, it’s not the only drain problem you should know about. There’s a myriad of different drain problems that you may have to deal with down the road, so it’s important that you know a little bit about them now.


Even if you don’t life in an earthquake-prone area, the ground still slowly shifts over time. That can pose a problem for all kinds of pipes, but especially drain pipes. As the soil around the pipe moves, it can bend and twist the pipe until waste can no longer flow properly. This will cause blockages to form, which will obviously cause problems like slow drainage and backups in the building. Bellying is diagnosed by using video pipe inspection, and is repaired by replacing the damaged pipe section.

Lime Scale

Any part of the plumbing or sewer system that deals with water is susceptible to lime scale, assuming the water is hard enough. Oftentimes, the focus on treating lime scale is limited to the freshwater pipes. However, lime scale can still cause quite a few problems for the sewer line, as well. Advanced lime scale deposits can dramatically restrict the flow of water through the pipes, causing backups and slow drainage similar to bellying. Lime scale can also harden if left alone long enough, so it’s important to schedule frequent drain cleaning services to keep the pipes clean.

Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling offers commercial drain services of all kinds throughout Reston, VA. If you need commercial drain services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure that your drain and sewer system is in optimal condition.

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