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Symptoms of a Commercial Plumbing Problem

plumbing-pipesA big part of keeping your commercial plumbing system in good condition is knowing when to call for repairs. Preventive maintenance goes a long way towards preventing as many problems from cropping up, but it’s not 100% effective. You will definitely need to deal with some kind of problem with your commercial plumbing system at some point between maintenance appointments. If you know what to look for, you can at least get the issue fixed before it can do too much damage. Have a look at some of the common signs that you have an issue with your commercial plumbing system.

Suspiciously High Water Bills

Commercial buildings tend to use a lot of water, depending on how many people they serve at once. Still, if you start to notice that your monthly bills are unusually high, you should have a professional look into it. Water bills that are consistently higher from month to month than they are supposed to be often indicate that water is leaving the system, even when there are no plumbing appliances in use. That means there’s probably a leak somewhere in the system, one that’s costing you a noticeable amount of money.

Loss of Water Pressure

Loss of water pressure, whether localized or universal, is a definite sign that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Steadily dropping water pressure typically indicates a leak or blockage forming in one of the pipes. A sudden drop in water pressure, by contrast, will often indicate a pipe rupture or other more serious problem. You may also be able to localize the leak by monitoring which section of the building is experiencing the drop in pressure. If it affects the entire building, you might have to have your water line checked.

Frequent Backups

Drain clogs tend not to form suddenly, as many people seem to think. Rather, they are formed over time as waste or lime scale builds up on the walls of the pipe. One typical warning sign that you have a developing blockage in your pipe is frequent backups. If the drain is backing up frequently, or is even draining more slowly than it normally does, that’s a sign that you need to schedule an appointment for professional drain cleaning services. Your system will be much better off in the long run, and you’ll be a lot less frustrated, if you have the drain cleaned out before the clog has a chance to completely form in the pipes.

Signs of Water Damage

Some kinds of commercial plumbing issues, like pinhole leaks, don’t give off any obvious signs. Much of the time, they’re only noticed during a maintenance appointment or after they’ve had time to cause water damage to the surrounding area. If you see water damage on any visible parts of your building, like floors or ceilings, you should have a professional look at it sooner rather than later.

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