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How to Identify Plumbing Problems Early On

Plumbing issues can cause many thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, both in residential and commercial settings. We always talk about early detection being a big factor when it comes to preventing widespread damage from various problems. With how subtle plumbing issues are, though, that can be quite difficult. If you want to catch plumbing problems before they have the chance to cause a lot of harm, read on.

Monitor Your Water Bills

The water bill in your building is going to rise and fall with use, of course. If a leak or rupture occurs in the system, though, your water bill is going to spike. If you notice your monthly bills rising, even if your usage is remaining about the same, it’s time to have a plumber examine your system.

Check the Meter

This is easier to do with residential buildings, but you can still try it in a commercial setting. Turn off all of the plumbing appliances in your building, and look at the water meter. If the meter is still running, it means that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. This is one of the surefire ways to catch plumbing leaks early, provided you can actually find an opportunity to shut off every plumbing appliance in the building.

Loss of Water Pressure

This is usually the first sign that people notice that they have a problem with their system. The worse the water pressure is, the worse the problem likely is. Extreme loss of water pressure could indicate either a blockage or a rupture somewhere in the system. You’ll need to have a plumber examine the system to find out which.

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