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The Importance of Annual Video Pipe Inspection

Commercial buildings have to deal with a lot of strain on their plumbing and sewer systems, which means a lot of wear and tear on said systems. If you’re running a commercial property, chances are that sooner or later you’re going to have a sewer issue crop up as a result of the strain. The best way to mitigate this is with annual plumbing and sewer maintenance, part of which includes CCTV video pipe inspection. Let’s take a look at why video pipe inspection is such an important part of your maintenance procedure.

Video Pipe Inspection

No one wants to exhume their sewer line just to diagnose a problem, especially if it’s greater than 30”. Not unless they have to, anyway. CCTV pipe inspection offers another option. A camera is inserted into your system on the end of a long cord. The plumber controlling the camera wheels it through the system, taking pictures of anything that looks to be problematic and marking it for later repair. Then, when all problem areas in the system have been identified, your plumber will know exactly where to start. With video pipe inspection, you can pretty quickly examine the entire system without having to use more time-consuming and invasive methods.

When to Schedule It

Unlike climate control systems, there isn’t really one specific season that’s significantly harder on the sewer system than any other time of year. What’s important is that you schedule maintenance on a regular basis, so that you can get proper coverage for your sewer system. Video pipe inspection, water jetting, pumping, and the like can’t really help you if you don’t schedule them consistently enough. So, be sure to schedule video pipe inspection as part of your next cleaning and maintenance appointment.

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